1 up Mushroom Bars | One up bars

1 up Mushroom bar

One up Mushroom bars | 1 up bar | chocolate bars

One up mushroom bars / 1 up bar for sale is a new psilocybin chocolate bar that is gaining a lot of popularity in the US. These psychedelic mushrooms where created by lup inspired by the Super Mario games. Due to the increase in popularity of magic mushrooms and microdosing. A lot of mushroom consumers having looking for a psychedelic edible that is both great tasting and still potent. Hence, 1 up mushrooms. These chocolate mushroom bars pack a punch perfect for a long lasting trip with the creamy nuttiness of your favorite chocolate bar.

1 up Mushrooms Bar Flavors | 1 up bar flavors

After a lot of years of research to produce the perfect psilocybin chocolate bars. We didn’t only end there. We decided to create a 1 up mushroom flavor to fit every kind of consumer. The different flavors include:

We also created

1 up gummies and tins for those feeling like to snack and not in the mood for a chocolate bar

1 up Mushrooom Bar For Sale

1 up psychedelic mushroom chocolate bars have been popping up everywhere due to their rise in popularity. We recommend that you buy these psychedelic chocolate mushrooms from the official site naturalpsychedelicspharmacy.com to ensure that you get authentic chocolate bars and not some cheap knockoff We do not only sell our psychedelic chocolate bars at the best prices anywhere but also educate our buyers on the proper way to consume these chocolate bars to prevent a bad trip.


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