One up Psychedelic Mushroom Bar

psychedelic mushroom chocolate bar
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Psychedelic Mushroom Chocolate Bar

One up magic mushroom chocolate bar are a new psychedelic chocolate mushrooms inspired by the super mario games. These 1 up mushroom bar combine the best of chocolates with the powerful psychedelic trips of magic shrooms.

In the Super Mario Games this 1up mushrooms are used to power up players on consumption. They can be said to have a similar effect in real life as consumers have said to a burst of energy and happiness after consuming this chocolate bars.

One up Mushroom Bars For Sale

1 up mushroom chocolate bar is a psychedelic magic mushroom created by one up brand. A lot of dispensaries especially in the U.S claim to sell authentic 1 up bar but we recommend you buy authentic psychedelic chocolate bars from the offficial one up mushrooms website.

psychedelic mushroom chocolate bars one up are one of the new and popular psychedelic chocolate bars available in the market now. Other popular brands include Punch Bars, Wonder Bars and WonderLand Bars.

One up Psychedelic Mushroom Flavors

Here at 1 up mushrooms we didn’t only set out to create the perfect mushroom chocolate but also a chocolate flavor for every consumer. We were able to create a variety of flavors. These different 1 up chocolate bar flavors include:

Milk Chocolate

. Cookies n Cream


Thin Mints



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One up Psychedelic Mushroom Chocolate Bar

One up mushroom bars have quickly grown in popularity due to the recent increase in micro dosing in the U.S. A lot of consumers have long complained of the poor taste of magic mushrooms hence the influx of many chocolate bar recipes. A lot of these recipes haven’t properly tested to identify the right proportion of magic mushrooms to chocolate. Here at 1up bars we followed a precise process to come up with the exact ratios of magic shrooms to chocolate. We also educate our consumers on the quantity of one up mushroom to consume based on weight, height and experience, Inspired the mario games these mario mushroom bar have a similar effect to the 1up mushrooms in the game. The give you an outburst of energy and inspire creativity after in take.

One up Mushroom Gummies

one up mushroom gummies are also products released by us at 1up. We recently created our 1up mushroom 1/8 tins and gummies to provide a little spice d variety for our consumers. Our mushroom tins contain some of the most potent magic mushroom strains. We guarantee a long lasting trip for all those for who consume our one up chocolate bars, tins and gummies. Other psychedelic chocolate bar brands include wavy bar chocolate

One up Mushroom Chocolate Bar

One up chocolate bar mushroom contains psilocybin found in magic shrooms. In the body it is converted to psilocin leading to an altered state of perception and alot of other interesting side effects. Some common side effects of one up mushroom bars:

  1. Hallucinations (Visual or auditory)
  2. Dilated Pupils
  3. Anxiety
  4. Euphoria
  5. Distorted sense of time, reality and place

Buy 1 up mushroom bars at the official website. You can be sure of the quality of our chocolate bars. We sell both to retailers and individuals. we also provide free 1up merch for purchases over $500 and massive discounts to our wholesale clients.


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